The Beer Lineup


  • American Pale Ale

    Lite Brite - American Pale Ale

    A very light ale reminiscent of a light lager. Some say it is a great shotgun beer... if you do that sort of thing.

  • Witbier

    Last Whistle Grapefruit Wit - Witbier

    Refreshing on a hot summer day out by the pool. Even as equally refreshing at all other times.

  • American IPA

    SMASH Mosaic - American IPA

    Single Malt And Single Hop is the name, Single Malt and Single Hops are the game. This slightly hazy, but not NE style, beer has a clean malt backbone with a tropical notes that play like a ukulele in springtime.

  • Blonde Ale

    2 Blondes Walking - Blonde Ale

    Just a great beer to have when you are out walking in the neighborhood. Refreshing and sessionable.

  • Saison

    Mon Ami - Saison

    As the name says... "My Friend". And at 9.2 ABV, this one will surely be your friend as well.

  • American Porter

    Knox Road Porter - American Porter

    A Happy Accident that we decided to make again, and again. Very easy drinking for those that prefer a beer with a bit of color in it.

  • Derby Hat Brown

    Derby Hat Brown - Brown Ale

    You won't need to be at Epsom Downs in May to enjoy this derby, but the smoothness of the malt and gentle hop presence will have you betting on the longshot.

  • Gulf Coast Pale Ale

    Gulf Coast Pale - American Pale Ale

    Our take on a traditional Pale Ale brewed with ingredients and conditions that let the Malt and Hops shine each on their own.

  • Dazy Hazy

    Dazy Hazy - American IPA

    This Anti-IPA contains a copious amount of citrus and fruit hops, added at just the right time to concoct a sweeter, more aromatic and cloudy masterpiece.

  • Extra Special ESB

    Extra Special ESB - Extra Special

    Redundancy is usually unnecessary, but when an Extra Special Bitter is this good, we will make an exception. Malty smooth from head to tail, with a fruity, mildy sweet hop.

  • American Pale Ale

    1/2 Glass Lemonade

    Our version of classic lemonade. Cool, refreshing, and tastes just like the lemonade you remember... except, this one weighs in at a modest 6.7% ABV. We call it Half-Glass Lemonade. At 6.7%, a full glass is a bit dangerous, so we pour it over ice for the ultimate refresher.

  • Berliner


  • Stout


  • Cousins IPA

    Cousins IPA

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